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In many “Friendly”poker games it is not uncommon to see players looking at each others cards once one of them has folded. The cheater folds (you let him look at your cards) and he signals your hand to his partners. The term “Playing it close to the vest” means a person is not giving up information. It is a poker term which means holding your cards near to yourself so as not to expose them to view.

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Conventional wisdom holds that a winning cash-game poker player needs approximately 300 big bets to sustain the predictable ups and downs that are part and parcel of playing poker in casino . But just accepting a number like this without digging beneath the surface can lead you down some slippery slopes. First, a 300 big-bet bankroll presupposes that one is a winning player who can beat a game for approximately one online poker big bet per hour.
If you’re not a winning poker player, you’ll need a much bigger bankroll — one large enough to outlast your poker-playing life expectancy. But even if you win regularly, albeit at a rate poker less than one big bet per hour, you can figure on needing a substantially larger bankroll to sustain you through poker’s peaks and valleys. If you’re fortunate enough to play in a online poker game you can beat for two big bets per hour, you ought to be able to get by on a shorter bankroll.
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Do you know something about placing bets? Are you interested in playing poker with the people around the world? So you are at the right place! We provide you some extra !

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This article brings for you some special moments of the players. get some more information about their playing styles. Poker Players

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Do you want to play a poker tournament? Are you aware of its anatomy? Here, we brings the scenario of a famous poker tournament. Poker Tournament

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Want to improve your game? Need some exclusive tips by the poker nuts? Catch now! Poker Tips

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There are many games to play in poker, we have gathered an assortment of such games. Read now! Poker Games

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Poker forum is a poker term which is also used in forum is basicaly an interface where one can discuss online about various poker gtames and what is going on in poker world and that is too when a person is off line,it can be done by puting your comments on forum when you are online and when that people came online he can see your comment and can give his comment on the same topic.

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